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How to stay secure on the internet?

Have you ever wondered what information your browser tells a web site about you? Or whether your browsing is safe? This site gives simple advice on how to reduce your risk on the internet. Just as in the real world you can stay more secure in the virtual world of the internet by following a number of simple precautions in your internet dealings and email activity.

Internet Users

A useful resource for security information for people who use the internet for their work, surfing or email. It is designed to be a simplified resource and thus will not go into great technical detail.


It will be hopefully be useful for webmasters of small and self-managed websites who are always looking for extra information to make their life easier and keep their websites secure on the internet. There are many better sites for those managing large web servers but they still find useful tips.

It does not presume to be the definitive guide to internet security.

This is for the simple reason, no such thing exists – the nature of security on the internet is that if you have enough time and are dedicated enough there are few, if any, security systems that cannot be broken. This site is intended to give advice that should reduce your risks in the same way that locking your car will reduce the risk of it being stolen (but not eliminate the risk).

The various articles, links and tools will hopefully make it a little bit safer when you use the world wide web and keep you secure on the internet.