1 - Introduction to Epadlock

Click on the button or link Get me an Epadlock to generate a unique pair.
Epadlock Home Page

The server will create a new pair and take you to download page.


2 - You have created an unique Epadlock lock and key

This page will show you that you have created unique Epadlock and key files which have been put into a zip file for you to download.
Epadlock output page

Click on the download link to get your Epadlock as a zip file


3 - Download the Epadlock lock and key as zip file

You will then download the zip file to your computer.

You can save the zip file to your PC - most PCs are able to deal with zip files, although Android tablets and phones might need to have suitable apps installed or use a browser like Dolphin.


4 - Extract the Epadlock lock and key as zip file

The zip file contains two files - a padlock and a key file. These html files can be extracted to your computer,
Extract Files

Keep the key file safe and send ONLY the lock file to the person sending the information to you.


5 - Send the Epadlock 'lock' file to your sender

The sender should open the file in their browser and input the data
Unlocked padlock

Opens in any browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc


6 - Encrypt the data

The sender opens the file and inputs the 'Text to encrypt' then emails the resulting encrypted text to you.

Either by (1) Using the EMAIL ENCRYPTED TEXT button to add the text to an new email with subject 'Information' - they just add address and send.

or (2) Copy and pasting into an existing email message.

Locked padlock

Make sure the encrypted text is sent to the keyholder - to use 'EMAIL ENCRYPTED TEXT' they need email client on their PC.


7 - Paste data into your key file

The email will have subject 'Information' if they use the email button, or other pre-arranged subject. Open the key file in your browser and copy and paste the code from the email into the key file text box.
Unlocked padlock

Check your email Inbox for the message and make sure it is not treated as spam. Copy just the code into the text box.


8 - Decrypt to get the original message

Message will show in the key file when you press DECRYPT.
Unlocked padlock

Opens in any browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc

If you need an Epadlock to keep your data safe then click on the box below to get started now.