Here is your unique Epadlock

This site has just created a paired 'Epadlock' and 'key' to conceal your internet data from prying eyes.

Simply download the zip file by clicking on the button below. Then unzip and send the Epadlock file only to the person sending the information. It is an html file they can open in their web browser.

Keep the key file safe. When they email the encrypted code to you, you can use your browser to decrypt the content to read the information.

Make sure their email is not lost in your spam filter as it will contain strange characters which some email clients may treat as spam.

Status: unique 2048 bit keys generated and deleted from server
unique Epadlock lock and key files created and deleted from server file created for you containing Epadlock lock and key.
Number of Epadlocks created to date: 1

When you click here you will download a zip file with your personal key/padlock pair. NB The files will be deleted from the server in 60 minutes. NB If you are using an android phone you need to install an app to open a zip file or use a suitable browser like Dolphin.

Click here to see a demonstration of how to use the Epadlock.

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